• Northfield nixes trash switch
     | November 20,2013

    NORTHFIELD — Residents voted 97-68 Tuesday to stick with their current trash handler and not return to Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District.

    The town uses Mad River Resource Management Alliance for disposal of its trash, but with the recent closing of the Moretown Landfill, which the alliance used, Select Board members decided to ask residents to look at a possible switch.

    Northfield left the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management Districtin 2010 for financial reasons after the district had announced it would be raising its per-capita fee for member towns to $3. Northfield had to pay just $2 per capita with the Mad River group.

    Select Board member Brad Denny said Tuesday night the board considered the latest switch because the alliance said in the spring that it would have to raise its per-capita cost to $4 if the landfill in Moretown closed. Now, he said, the alliance is quoting an increase of only 75 cents per capita. Denny attributed the smaller cost increase to the town’s contemplation of switching back to the central Vermont district.

    According to Denny, the central Vermont district now charges only $1 per capita but has a per-bag fee.

    Speaking personally, Denny said he was disappointed in the vote because the per-capita costs affect all taxpayers and he believes residents should have to pay only for the waste they themselves create. The per-bag fee, he said, would put more of the financial burden on the individual, something he was hoping would make people recycle and compost more.

    As a Select Board member, Denny said he’ll carry out the wishes of the residents and did not expect the board to fight the decision.

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