• Just too risky
    November 16,2013

    Just too risky

    Gov. Shumlin indicated that he intends to force Medicare recipients like me into his single-payer health care program. He told the Physicians for a National Health Plan in Boston that he will attempt to get waivers from the federal government to make this happen. “I want everybody in the pool,” he was quoted as saying.

    The governor will do the future of his party a great disservice if it turns out he is actually willing to cancel the nearly sacred health care contract between the federal government and its older citizens. It will be the Vermont version of President Obama’s lie that, “If you like your plan, you can keep it.”

    My deal with the federal government about Medicare, forged and solidified over a 50-year (and continuing) working life, is that I paid into a system specifically designed to meet my needs as I got older. I’m 67, I like the plan, and it is working for me. I didn’t pay up for all those years to find out at the end that I must subsidize a badly designed state program with the starry-eyed goal of suddenly covering everyone while promising it would cost less.

    Gov. Shumlin’s single-payer plan has far more problems than a website that doesn’t work, and it’s way too risky a venture for my governor to insist that people of my age participate in it.

    Bob Frenier


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