• Bully at the top
    November 14,2013

    Bully at the top

    If Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is so concerned about getting an unbiased and honest assessment of what happened to Jonathan Martin and what exactly Richie Incognito did, why is he meeting with Martin prior to any NFL investigation? Ross claims that he asked the NFL commissioner to investigate the bullying and harassment and hazing of players on the Dolphins. He says he did this to get an objective assessment without his coaches covering it up or minimizing it and that he is being “proactive.” But, right after he said that, he announced that he had already scheduled a meeting with Martin without the commissioner or any NFL officials as witnesses. He refused to answer questions about the case and merely said he is “appalled.” Ross would not give any details about the meeting as to time or place, etc., only that it would be “Wednesday.”

    By doing this he is deliberately sabotaging the investigative process. Martin will be intimidated and threatened by Ross and he knows it. Ross is Martin’s boss and will decide if he gets paid, what disposition of the matter he receives and even future teams in the NFL. He is not really looking for an accurate assessment of the matter for all to see. He is covering his butt. It’s one of those things where he is guilty no matter what. If he knew about the bullying and did nothing to stop it he’s guilty of allowing the harassment, and if he knew nothing he’s guilty of a lack of involvement and team neglect. That’s the truth, and we’ll see if Mr. Ross owns up.

    Tom King


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