• Who are the real extremists?
    November 13,2013

    Who are the real extremists?

    Whatís worse than a Republican extremist? How about an incompetent Progressive extremist who purposely misleads the American people to advance a radical agenda? We have the most left-wing Progressive president and administration in the history of our country. Mistruths (called lies, folks) from almost all areas of the Obama administration, and yes even distorted truths about Republicans, are standard behavior. Obama is finally exposed for knowingly and purposely lying to We the People to pass Obamacare (voted solely by the Democrats), and the lies are compounded with new lies. It is absolutely outrageous what this administration has accomplished to dismantle our countryís exceptionalism, economy, our Constitution and now our health care. When leaders are purposely distorting facts to pass laws that revoke our freedoms, regardless of party affiliation, itís time to stand up and fight against this Progressive ideology. Itís never too late. The mainstream media and Obama believe the American people are too stupid to realize what has occurred, not just with Obamacare deceit, with the other Obama scandals too, especially the Benghazi lies. The arrogance and insult to our intelligence! I am well aware of past administrationsí distortions, so no need to respond with that argument. What must be admitted now is the distortions, lies and lack of credibility of the Obama administration have matched and now trumped those of his predecessors. Imagine three more years of Obama, the biggest fraud in history. God help us. Period.

    R.L. Averill


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