• Stickers for Vermont products
    November 09,2013

    Stickers for Vermont products

    I think most of us in Vermont agree that given the choice we would like to support and purchase Vermont products and farm goods that are produced in the state. We would generally prefer putting those products into our grocery carts.

    I am not often the one that does the shopping in my family, but when I do shop, I would definitely prefer to buy Vermont. The problem often is that it is not that easy to spot a Vermont product, especially if (like most) I am in a hurry when shopping.

    We all have our habits when shopping and often grab the products we have faithfully brought home for years. With that in mind, I think it would be helpful if the state Legislature could help us all out. If we could produce a sticker that can be put on grocery shelves below Vermont products, it would really help.

    The sticker can be something as simple as a picture of a tree with a slash/Vermont by the tree. The sticker should be the same color as our license plate so we could easily spot it when in a hurry.

    The state could produce the stickers on sheets (similar to what you get in every post office when you buy stamps). Stores could order sheets of the Vermont shelf stamps from the state.

    Stores simply stick them on shelves by the price, and it will help shoppers in a hurry to be able to grab Vermont products instead of always their old familiar items they are used to throwing in the cart.

    We then all spend perhaps a little more in the store, do not have to dig and hunt for Vermont products and hopefully help stimulate our local economies.

    Jim Doherty


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