• The courts have ruled
    November 04,2013

    The courts have rueld

    What is being insinuated by Barb and Jay White in the Oct. 31 Times Argus regarding Berlin Pond?

    There has been no proposal to allow motorized watercraft on Berlin Pond. Any petroleum finding its way into the water is coming from the roads that surround the pond (and cross over the water in several places ó the water goes under the interstate access road). The state of Vermont does currently control what uses are allowed, and furthermore is required to allow all reasonable uses (Iíve cited the state constitution in letters multiple times).

    What local and state organizations are they suggesting get involved? Special interest groups? I also debunked with scientific facts, every assertion by the Conservation Commission of Berlin in their ďassessment.Ē Iíve written environmental assessments, so this was not difficult.

    If you give the minimal effort required, youíll see thereís no scientific or environmental basis to not allow reasonable, non-motorized access and use of this resource. As Iíve stated before, this is nothing more than an example of elitism. Itís not about safe water, or valid science would be presented. The reason it hasnít been presented is that it doesnít exist. Enough with the tantrums and whining about access to Berlin Pond.

    The courts have ruled rightly. Get over it.

    Keith Zandy


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