• Time for an overhaul
    November 04,2013

    Time for an overhaul

    I am writing in regards the state law mandating the inspection of motor vehicles licensed and operated in Vermont. In short, I feel this law is ineffectual and damaging.

    First, I have observed a significant measure of subjectivity and ambiguity with regards inspection parameters from one licensed inspector to another. My conclusion, having read the document from which licensed state inspectors are directed to make their assessments, is disbelief that any vehicle, excepting a car with little to no wear, is able to pass a Vermont state inspection at all. Thus, perhaps it is, in part, the overly comprehensive nature of the law which causes inspectors to vary as to the consistency with which certain findings pursuant to the inspection process are either overlooked or enforced.

    Second, and more grievous, is the fact that a law exists which mandates a consumer annually take any personal possession to a service provider and compulsorily purchase any and all services the provider deems necessary to continue legally using said personal possession in the state of Vermont. Is this not state-sanctioned extortion? Should not the inspector be an independent third party with no vested interest in the results of the mandated inspection?

    I believe the Vermont state automobile inspection process, handled correctly, could be of great benefit to both automobile owners and the communities in which we drive. I do not believe the current law serves that purpose. I encourage fellow citizens to engage their state representatives and demand an overhaul of this law.

    Mia Richards

    Barre City

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