• Thank you, Montpelier
    October 31,2013

    Thank you, Montpelier

    Kingsbury Companies LLC would like to offer our sincere thanks to all of the city of Montpelier, staff, merchants and citizens, for your patience and assistance over the last several months while we worked on the installation of the new district heat system. The district heat project consists of a very complex piping system that can require as many as 21 quality assurance steps per joint. Combine the complicated installation with all of the unknowns under the streets of a centuries-old town, and delays and disruptions are inevitable. During much of the project, we had three pipe crews within two city blocks, and are acutely aware of the disturbances this has caused. We appreciate how flexible and gracious everyone has been in adjusting their normal patterns to accommodate our construction.

    We would specifically like to thank businesses like La Brioche, Manghi’s Bread and Capitol Plaza for not only putting up with us, but offering coffee and treats to our team in the early morning hours. Thanks also to the many citizens who cheered us on and handed out cookies as we worked, and to those that offered constructive criticisms to help us improve. We wish you all generations of beneficial use of the new system, and applaud your bold steps toward energy independence. Thank you for your patience and hospitality during this very challenging project.

    Dean Zoecklein


    The writer works for Kingsbury Companies’ construction team.

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