• Hollar deserves better
    October 28,2013

    Hollar deserves better

    After reading the last two days’ letters to the editor section of The Times Argus, I, too, am dismayed and appalled by the display of venom exhibited toward Mayor Hollar. These writers, many of whom reside outside of Montpelier, have taken the opportunity to blast the mayor for his handling of a personnel matter and vilifying him for his association with corporate America. I wish they’d taken the time to get to know Mayor Hollar.

    Having known John for many years, I can staunchly assert that this vibrant city is much better today than it was when I moved my family here 15 years ago, much of which stems from John’s influence and hard work at many levels. From his years chairing Montpelier’s school board, John worked selflessly to make sure that every child had quality educational opportunities during tough economic times. He was always soliciting local opinion about how we could make our schools better with reduced funds from a declining student population. From there, John moved into his present role of mayor, and continued his role of community service, helping thrust the city into prominence as a destination for fresh food, recreation (bike-friendly designation) and the arts.

    Finally, I would say to those cowardly writers who seem to make it so easy to send email bombs by just clicking send, take some time to get to know both sides of the story, and the people who work tirelessly to make our community a better place to live. Mayor Hollar deserves better.

    Brad Watson


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