• Hoodwinked
    October 15,2013


    Hoodwinked is the feeling you get when you focus on license extension for years, get all the way to the final briefs at the state regulatory Public Service Board, and then Entergy announces a corporate decision to shut down.

    Now Entergy is pushing for an expedited settlement with no testimony at the same regulatory board. Rumor tells me that Entergy Vermont Yankee spent about $80 million litigating what usually costs less than $3 million as a reactor applies for a license extension. I call that “economic reasons” for shutting down an antique reactor. We had a year’s testimony on why or how Entergy could deserve 20 more years of operation. Presto change, now Entergy needs an expedited decision on being permitted to close next year with very little discussion on how Entergy intends to decommission Vermont Yankee.

    Entergy must have decommissioning plans. Those plans need to be heard and agreed to at the state regulatory Public Service Board. Once Entergy ceases operations the Nuclear Regulatory Commission leaves the site. Any agreements to which Entergy currently abides regarding the state and the Public Service Board authority end once Entergy ceases operations unless.

    Unless Entergy is held to account, under oath, before a judicial body answerable to the state of Vermont. This is an important moment. I encourage concerned people to contact the Department of Public Service, contact the Public Service Board, implore conditions be put on Entergy that maintain state regulatory control of the reactor after operations to keep an eye on Entergy’s decontamination plans. Vermonters must not let Entergy off scot-free.

    Gary Sachs


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