• Our path ahead
    October 10,2013

    Our path ahead

    I have read the articles in regard to being of a different race and living here in Vermont. Well, I am very well mixed breed, born and raised in Barre. If one were to divide a black person and white person and put them into one person that is what I am. To some I represent a pollution of Vermont’s heritage.

    Surely I am probably Vermont’s most acquitted resident. Does race play a factor in the many times in my life that I have been overcharged in the court? I don’t really know. However, I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many times I have had charges thrown out of court because the state did not have a case. Am I really that smart about law? Probably not. Racial profiling is not a joke in this state, and if you are of color you will be getting profiled no doubt. How many lawyers can stand there and pretend like they don’t know what is going on?

    Nobody wants their Irish or French heritage associated to slavery. However, it’s kind of late for that. I am pretty sure that we have already created a breed that mixes the 12 tribes of Israel. Therefore, in the future everyone will be of the same racial makeup and we will live in a world without prejudice. If you mix white paint and black paint, you cannot add enough white paint to make that mixture white again. Black is a dominating color. The joke is on them because before Europeans enslaved blacks, they enslaved themselves. Blacks were bigger, stronger and better workers — that is why they enslaved blacks, no other reason. Though everyone comes from slavery. They know who we are and where we came from, the best way to get back at them is to breed with them. A child will end a family’s racism in a quit hurry. I know all about it, I have lived it. All of the advancements in building, science and technology would not exist if it was not for the architectural genius of the black race.

    However, there is a route to a world without prejudice. We can send a rocket to Mars, but we cannot create a community without prejudice. That is kind of sad. Here that path at least for our children. The more we interracially date and have children the faster the world will become the same race. Science shows that in another 100 or so years everyone on Earth will be of the same race. We have already set that into motion. Though I would recommend that all blacks stay in Vermont to some they might think you are an invasive species. To me you are gifts from God. Keep it public; don’t let anything go into the shadows. The only reason the welcome wagon is running you over, is because they are jealous.

    John Anderson


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