• On lemmings and fascists
    October 10,2013

    On lemmings and fascists

    Lemmings. Enough already. In an open response to all who have spoken out, in response to me (responding to them) or otherwise regarding the (un)Affordable Care Act: Itís clear youíve drunk the cool-aid. We get it. Thereís no changing your mind. You have chosen to ignore history, and thatís fine. You will reap what you sow. None, as of yet, has provided an example of another developed country where socialized medicine has worked or where socialist policies have not collapsed an economy and society. I get it. You want the government to take care of you. Fine ó that should be your choice. Read that carefully ó your CHOICE. It should be mine as well.

    What you all refuse to acknowledge or (apparently) lack the capacity to understand is that I do not want government handouts and the control and regulation that goes along with it. Anything a government provides for its people it can control and take away as well. I donít want it. If any of these ďprogramsĒ are truly as great as weíre told, why are they forced upon us? Iíd opt out of Social Security right now if I had the option and let them keep what theyíve taken so far. Why not? Wonít be there for me anyway. And as to the comments regarding Republicans like Ted Cruz (and now John Boehner) doing what the people ask ó whether you like it or not, there are those who donít agree with you (like almost everyone in Texas). Representatives like Cruz were elected specifically to fight Obamacare to the end, and he is fulfilling his campaign promise. What a concept, eh?

    Like it or not, the 2010 election was a response to Obamacare, and Boehner and many others realize their jobs are on the line next year. You donít like contrary opinions, and you want the government to silence them ó thereís a name for that: Itís fascism. I will not step in line. I will not concede. Lemmings follow the masses to their demise. Americans, at this point, should know better.

    Keith Zandy


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