• She belongs
    October 09,2013

    She belongs

    I recently moved to Vermont in part to escape my oppressive home state. Indiana has long been a toxic environment for gay citizens. While Indiana is fighting, again, to pass an antigay marriage amendment, Vermont recognizes the marriages of same-sex couples. Vermontís constitution was the first in the nation to forbid slavery. In many ways, this state seems like a virtual paradise.

    So I was quite concerned to read the front page article ďPut yourself in my skin colorĒ in the Oct. 7 Times Argus. How could an equality-minded state discriminate against anyone? Isnít Vermontís motto ďFreedom and UnityĒ?

    Latoya Coleman stated in the article ďthat if her education campaign is unsuccessful she is considering leaving the state.Ē

    I experienced discrimination for years and enjoy living in this fine state. Itís unfortunate that anyone is made to feel that they donít belong here. I just want Latoya to know that at least one person hopes sheíll stay.

    Gary Alton Russell


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