• It’s no accident
    October 09,2013

    It’s no accident

    Through a study completed earlier this year, Barre’s citizens expressed an interest in community forums pertaining to crime and conflict.

    The Greater Barre Community Justice Center is hosting a series of workshops, called “It’s No Accident.”

    The workshops cover what citizens can do to improve community safety and prevent crime.

    — “The neighbor is driving me nuts!” Thursday, Oct. 10 — Participants will learn skills and options for handling interpersonal conflicts better. Presented by the justice center, it will give you food for thought about ways to address conflict issues.

    — “Protect your money and identity,” Thursday, Oct. 17 — Think about an elder or someone you know who was scammed and lost money. Or the neighbor who gave a down payment to a roofer and never saw the guy again. In this workshop, you’ll hear how to identify and respond safely to phone scams, identity theft, mail fraud and fraudulent solicitation. It is presented by the Barre City Police Department.

    — “It’ll Never Happen to Me!” Thursday, Oct. 24 — Learn how to keep your property and neighborhood safe. The workshop will cover strategies to prevent crime from happening to your home and property. It will also introduce how to create a Neighborhood Watch. If you and your neighbors are thinking about what you can do to be safer, this is the workshop for you. Presented by the Barre City Police Department.

    All workshops will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Greater Barre Community Justice Center in Alumni Hall at the Barre Civic Center, 20 Auditorium Hill. There is ample free parking, and refreshments and coffee will be provided. This series is supported by a grant from National Life Group. For questions, call 476-0276 or look at the justice center website: www.gbcjc.org.

    Safety is no accident. Join us for informative evenings. You’ll be glad you did.

    Lori Baker

    Executive director

    Greater Barre Community Justice Center


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