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    October 03,2013

    Since the East Montpelier Select Board created a charter committee this spring, the group has been researching and analyzing ways in which changes in the way East Montpelier governs itself might benefit the town. On Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. at the U-32 cafeteria, the committee is preparing to share its progress to date with the community while seeking both feedback and suggestions. The committee is planning to complete its work in time for a charter proposal to be included on the town meeting ballot in March.

    The focus of issues under consideration is to make the governing structures of the town more effective. We will recommend that some positions, such as treasurer, which have become more complex over the years and require specific skills, become employees of the town hired by the Select Board. Other positions are being examined, also with an eye to whether they should be elected or appointed or, in a few cases, abolished because they no longer have any independent function.

    We are examining how to bring consistency to the ways in which various groups operate — for instance by making sure all people working on behalf of the town are subject to an enforceable conflict of interest policy. In some cases, the committee will recommend that items be included in a charter if that is the only, or the best, way to accomplish what needs to be done. For other things, the recommendation may be for the town to create an ordinance that doesn’t require the Legislature’s approval.

    Agendas, minutes and other documents that describe the committee’s work are available at https://app.box.com/EM-Charter-Comm. This link is also available from the Signpost website, www.emsignpost.com.

    Please come to the U-32 cafeteria on Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 7 p.m. and be part of this important process.

    Edie Miller


    East Montpelier Charter Committee

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