• No thank you
    September 27,2013

    No thank you

    Not to use The Times Argus as a debate forum, but I feel I must answer Walter Carpenterís response (Sept. 23) to my letter regarding single-payer health care.

    Weíve just recently seen the product of government involvement in health care decisions in the case of Sarah Murnaghan, who had to fight Kathleen Sebelius to get the adult lung that her doctor wanted to use. Yet, Mr. Carpenter is all to willing to allow the government more involvement in his health care decisions. With all due respect, I find that to be foolish.

    As to Mr. Carpenterís examples of public services that benefit society, emergency services (fire, rescue, police) are certainly a benefit. I would consider these to be examples of infrastructure and a very good use of tax dollars. Public schools, on the other hand, are a perfect example of what the government canít get right. We are now ranked somewhere around 17th, I believe, in the world. How can this be? A perfect example of bureaucracy run amok.

    Medicare is bankrupt. It has been for years, again due to government promises that it has no means to keep. Fact is, the average Medicare recipient will receive three times the benefits they paid for ($180,000 in benefits used, compared to $61,000 in contributions, to be exact, for the average man). This is the error ó in believing all the promises that politicians make to win votes. It has been going on for generations now, and is more and more accepted as more and more people become disengaged and misinformed.

    Iím not arguing seniors shouldnít get what they paid for; they certainly should. But the socialist benefits started by FDR have never been managed to be sustainable.

    As Iíve said before, facts and numbers donít lie ó only politicians do. If any of these ďprogramsĒ were truly as wonderful as the government claims, then why arenít they voluntary? Forcing a supposedly free citizen into any of these programs is nothing short of pure tyranny. And ďno, thank youĒ was the nice way of putting it.

    Keith Zandy


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