• Opinion: It’s a crime
    September 25,2013

    It is crime that our politicians will not make a public monetary system, for there is no good reason to have too little money in circulation to pay a living wage for every hour of productivity that the people would do. The system of funds and dollars is every bit a labyrinth of accounting systems, nothing real to it. The myriad of rules and laws devised to accelerate, secure or maintain a numerical advantage for those who manage it is criminal activity. Our public servants have not created a system that serves the people and it is true crime. Where any one person works an hour for sub-livable wages is a crime resembling slavery. Our politicians criminally believe that their constituents are worth half a person when they agree we are only worth half a living wage.

    The crime may be ignorance, but we all know that ignorance of the law is no defense. Ignorance of the core criminal issue, neglecting the needs of the public (by creating a money accounting system that serves the public need), is not a defense for politicians. It is a crime of neglect, to continue to tax the people, when taxation could be completely ended, and everyone could be working and productive — all with a public accounting system.

    Further political crime is the lockup of all those people who are not in the stream to receive a livable wage, where they are locked into unreasonable hours for not enough money to live respectably. Or locked up for real as our politicians call them the “bad guys” for drinking, drugging, and acting as truly oppressed and depressed people would. The politicians will lock the “bad guys” up. But it is the politicians who are bad. It is they who have neglected to take care of our economic issues by creating public monetary accounting systems and ending, preventing and stopping the thievery of the value of our productivity.

    Why have not the “public servants” we elect taken this as the number one duty? Our local public servants appear helpless, useless and ignorant. We have major crimes being committed by the federal government, major, and the worst of them is impoverishing the people, which has a deathly result. It is war in another form and public servants are complicit.

    The war that is now being discussed is not, as the politicians would like you to believe, a war of moral nature. Hardly at all, it is a war for economic reasons, this time to distract the people from the accounting sleight of hand that was not complete at the bailout. Overwhelmingly, the people of Vermont, in numbers greater than 91 percent, insist that US does not invade Syria, yet, Sanders, Leahy and Welch still are keeping that door ajar, ready to be convinced. They each know what politicians do behind closed doors with planning. I see politicians who will not accept no from the people for an answer.

    9/11 just passed, and still too many are deceived, too many do not question the most obvious. Three steel core buildings turning to dust in under 10 seconds, although that is not what happens with steel.

    Even if they collapsed from the weight of fire, they would have steel sticking out everywhere, and whole desks and pieces of chairs everywhere below. Dustification in 10 seconds means something. Are you still one of the deceived?

    Is a false flag event planned to move America into a war spirit? Is war a hopeful distraction to hide more political economic crimes? Why do not Sanders, Welch and Leahy call down the federal government for abuses of the Constitution? Why do they not tell us to respectfully how to remove Vermont support for those activities? Why are they leaving the door ajar for war, when everyone else has locked and bolted it shut? Who is killing Vermonters? What politicians are neglecting the task of a public right to enough money to work with?

    Emily Peyton is a former candidate for governor.

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