• Untrustworthy
    September 19,2013


    Entergy has yet to prove themselves trustworthy in my eyes.

    I have heard them say:

    Entergy will honor the Public Service Board as the board on record.

    Entergy will not sue the state in federal court using the “field pre-emption” argument.

    If there is no certificate of public good in hand, Entergy will close by March 21, 2012.

    Now Entergy states it is ready to shut down the Vermont Yankee reactor for economic reasons.

    This should occur on the state’s terms — not on Entergy’s.

    I do not believe anything Entergy says.

    At the start of docket 7862 in 2012, Entergy states under oath that it had 528 workers. Now it claims to have 630 workers.

    Is Entergy trying to add more workers to the state’s unemployment lines than it should?

    I, for one, would not put it past them.

    The day before the Aug. 27 closure announcement, one of the replaced radiation gauges in the facility — one that had had “spurious readings” due to excess “electrical noise” — failed again. Remember it was not broken, it had spurious readings. If it is not broken then why are they now replacing it twice? The lies we have been told …

    Last year Entergy received compensation from the Department of Energy for the DOE’s not taking high-level radioactive waste from 1998 and earlier.

    Given that Entergy did not own the reactor or the fuel in 1998, is the company willing to use some of that money to hasten the movement of high-level waste into dry casks?

    Gary Sachs


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