• Living in anxiety
    September 11,2013

    Living in anxiety

    I am aghast and infuriated at the U.S. plans to assault Syria under the guise of punishing the Assad regime for using chemical weapons on Syrian citizens.

    We ourselves have multiple times attacked innocent civilians with for instance, Agent Orange, white phosphorus, not to mention the tens of thousands of civilians killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and suddenly we are the policemen of the world?

    Vermont’s senior senator, Patrick Leahy, said that the resolution calling for the U.S. attack on Syria was too “open-ended.”

    Simply put, this is not a controllable situation. The unintended consequences of enraging or engaging any of Syria’s neighbors or allies in the world are far beyond the scope of a plan to drop bombs on Syria.

    This plan to bomb Syria could go disastrously awry.

    Diplomacy and humanitarian aid are what is needed along with a significant rallying of the political players in the region. According to Oxfam International, there are 6 million to 7 million internally displaced persons within Syria who have no access to aid or outside assistance of any kind. How will bombing their country be helpful to them?

    Living in great anxiety,

    Miriam Almeleh


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