• This will be a war crime
    September 09,2013

    This will be a war crime

    I find it impossible to believe bombing Syria will prevent the future use of chemical weapons. Even surgical air strikes cannot completely eliminate that possibility. What they will do is create additional death and destruction in Syria and, around the world, political reactions nearly impossible to predict, but none will be beneficial.

    That the President and now Congress may actually vote to bomb Syria is insane. The driver seems much more to pull down the Assad government than to stop the use of chemical weapons. While that civil war has certainly been costly, military intervention will be hundreds of times more costly due to the political complexities that come along with — in fact, have fostered — the war. Of course, the use of these horrible weapons is criminal and that is exactly how we should deal with it. To “ride into town with guns blazing” will not stop the deaths.

    Diplomacy can still resolve the specific issue of the use of chemical weapons. The first step is to support efforts to prove what was used and by whom. With incontrovertible proof in hand, the world — including Russia and China — can say “we will hold those who did this responsible for war crimes in the World Court.”

    It is important that we let our president and our congressional delegation know how we feel about these issues. I’ve told them in no uncertain terms: “No bombing in Syria!” I hope all readers will do the same.

    John Snell


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