• Letter to delegation
    September 09,2013

    Letter to delegation

    Assad is winning the war in Syria without the use of chemical weapons. Further he knows that using chemical weapons would invite foreign intervention into this war. This would be an extraordinarily stupid thing to do. Assad may be many things but no one has ever called him stupid.

    US supported rebel commander Khaled al-Hamad was recently videotaped eating a dead man heart. Carla del Ponte, a member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, told Swiss TV there were “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof” that rebels seeking to oust Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad had used the nerve agent.

    This has the potential of being a huge military engagement, some have even mentioned World War III; as Turkey, Israel, Iran, Russia and China could potentially be drawn into this conflict.

    Before any retaliatory military action is taken I am of course assuming that you would press for incontrovertible proof that it was Assad and not U.S. supported rebels forces who perpetuated this heinous crime?

    What are you doing to verify the truth of what happened?

    Iraq was destroyed, thousands were killed and millions were displaced based on WMDs that turned out not to exist. Now we are hearing Obama say, “We have concluded that the Syrian government carried out gas attacks.”

    Chris Pratt


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