• Don’t take them at their word
    September 06,2013

    Don’t take them at their word

    If there’s one thing that Entergy’s recent announcement that it will close down Vermont Yankee next year proves yet again, it’s that the company lies compulsively. Less than a month ago Entergy Vice President Terry Young insisted shuttering Vermont Yankee was never considered a cost-cutting option. Now, as was so succinctly put by Bill Mohl, president of Entergy Wholesale Commodities, “This asset is not financially viable,” a conclusion reached after months of evaluation by the company’s board of directors.

    It is very easy to imagine, given Entergy’s long history of false and misleading statements, as well as the withholding of critical information from regulators and the public, that the announced closing of Vermont Yankee is a ploy to get the Public Service Board to lay off and just give them a Certificate of Public Good, and to get the Attorney General to give up Vermont’s fight with Entergy in the courts. After all, they’re closing in a year anyway, right? Maybe not. There’s nothing that says they can’t change their mind, that the plant’s financial viability won’t suddenly change, particularly if a Certificate of Public Good or a legal battle, possibly before the Supreme Court, are no longer an issue.

    Vermont Yankee is closing. It will soon no longer be producing the most toxic elements known, and to encourage everyone not to let their guard down, to understand that decommissioning once begun is a long and hazardous process being undertaken by a company for whom the plant is now a financial liability. But celebrate, yes.

    Schuyler Gould


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