• Officials weigh in on the closing of Vermont Yankee
    August 27,2013

    Read statements issued today from around Vermont on the closing of VT

    Following is a statement from Mary Powell, president and CEO of Green Mountain Power, regarding Entergy's announcement today that it will close the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant. "Entergy's decision to close the plant for financial reasons will not affect GMP customers. We have not purchased electricity from Vermont Yankee since March 2012 and there will be no immediate or direct impact on our customers. We have been very successful meeting our goals of providing our customers with low cost, low carbon and reliable electricity and will continue to do so, whether or not VY is operating."

    Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Statement on Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant’s announced closing VBSR has long believed there are viable alternatives to Vermont Yankee, a facility that poses numerous environmental, safety, and financial risks for Vermont electricity users. The operation of an aging and troubled nuclear power plant in our borders undermines Vermont’s reputation as a clean and green state.

    With today’s announcement, it is clear that Vermont should continue on its path to modernize our grid to facilitate distributed energy sources and stimulate the creation of affordable, clean, and local power from our farms and forests, our rivers, our sun and wind.

    We also recognize that this will be a difficult transition for the employees at Vermont Yankee and the communities surrounding the facility. VBSR hopes there are opportunities for ENVY workers to participate in the shutdown and decommissioning of the plant and that state officials are prepared to assist in job placement, training and other support for those displaced by today’s decision.


    Statement of Deb Katz, VCAN on Entergy's Decision to Close Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant "We applaud Entergy's decision to shut down an aging nuclear power plant, rather than to push it past its limits. We appreciate their commitment for planning for a safe and orderly shutdown. We will remain vigilant to ensure that the decommissioning is done responsibly and in the safest way possible. Today, we celebrate this milestone in our work to end nuclear power generation in the Northeast and to foster a renewable energy future. This is a win for the people. Their relentless work has made the closure of Vermont Yankee possible. We thank all who have worked to make this day happen, especially the state of Vermont for its perseverance on this issue."


    Speaker of the House Shap Smith issued the following statement in response to Entergy's announcement this morning: "Entergy’s announcement this morning that it will close and decommission Vermont Yankee in 2014 comes after several years of speculation about the long term sustainability of the plant. This closure is part of a broader national trend in which the economic viability of nuclear power is uncertain, as the country looks to develop an affordable and sustainable energy profile for the future. In the coming months and years, the legislature will work with the Administration, Windham County leaders and others to assist employees of the plant and the surrounding communities during this transition period. Entergy repeatedly has assured Vermonters that it will decommission the plant in a safe and environmentally sound way. I will work to ensure that this commitment is fully met."


    Progressive Party Statement on Entergy Yankee Decommissioning Progressives were excited to learn Tuesday morning that the Entergy Yankee Nuclear power plant will be decommissioned and closed in 2014. This is long overdue and something the Progressive Party has fought for since the plant was first proposed. Progressive Party Chair Martha Abbott had this to say: “Many Progressives fought against the building of a nuclear power plant in Vermont back in 1970. It is wonderful news that Entergy has decided to close it. The plant was no longer economically viable for them so they have made a savvy business decision. It is also likely that the Vermont Public Service Board would not have given them a Certificate of Public Good to continue operating as Vermont no longer receives any power from the plant.
    "While it is a great day to celebrate, we will have to hold our breath for another year and a half and hope that no more leaks or accidents happen between now and the end of 2014 when it is planned to shut down.
    "More importantly we must demand that Entergy set aside sufficient funds to decommission the plant safely and 'restore the area to a green field' as was promised when it was built. Further, we must also demand a just transition for the many Vermonters who work at the plant, to ensure that they and their families are taken care of as they move on to other positions."

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