• Don’t cave to pressure
    August 24,2013

    Don’t cave to pressure

    As the school year begins, the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice is starting to hear of pressure being put on parents regarding vaccination choices. Most parents go along with the vaccine schedule required for school entry. However, some decide against doing so for a variety of good reasons, choosing instead to delay or omit some shots, or refuse them altogether.

    Though schools will not inform parents of their legal right to vaccine exemptions, everyone concerned with this issue should be aware that Act 157 passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2012 provides for religious and philosophical exemptions for all parents simply by signing a form and reading certain material provided on the website of the Vermont Department of Health. No other information or procedure is required.

    This outcome hinged on the letter submitted to the Health Department by our lawyer Mitchell Pearl, an expert in constitutional law.

    We understand that Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen plans to spotlight vaccination throughout our school system, even possibly inciting communities to discriminate against exempting parents. Parents’ eroding rights further include confidentiality of immunization records and provision of a vaccine information statement before each shot.

    Considering that over 25,000 vaccine adverse reactions are reported annually, we highly recommend in-depth investigation of all sides — not only the official position — on this important and complex matter, starting with reviewing the ingredients listed in vaccine package inserts, then researching the science behind each. We also strongly suggest visiting our website, www.vaxchoicevt.com, for much more information, and that of the National Vaccine Information Center, www.nvic.org, a watchdog for the vaccine industry and related governmental agencies and state legislation.

    Anyone experiencing constraint regarding vaccine choices is invited to report to us at admin@vaxchoicevt.com.

    Charlotte Gilruth


    The writer is a member of the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice.

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