• Concerned Waterbury resident
    August 22,2013

    Concerned Waterbury resident

    East Street is a quiet residential street zoned for only noncommercial use. However, the owners of 19 East St. are subletting to a man who is, in turn, leasing this home to a group of nine to 16 men and providing this as housing.

    These owners are professing it is not a business while they allegedly stand to collect over $115,000 a year from these rentals with a potential profit of approximately $100,000. These amounts are calculated from $600 a month per one renter times 16 renters. That adds up to $115,200 for a yearly income.

    The man subleasing, Andrew Gonyea, has been featured on television news expressing his wishes to create these homes as nonprofits across the nation for ex-criminals. While nonprofit businesses sound like there are no profits being produced, it is still a business that must raise revenue to maintain cost, as well as produce a salary for those who work for it.

    This 19 East St. residence is allegedly the third house he has opened up in the state of Vermont, which I firmly believe is another steppingstone for his nonprofit business, which is, in this case, being placed in a noncommercial use area.

    The owners are usurping zoning regulations by attempting to find loopholes to establish an undisclosed business operating in a residential zoned area. If this change of use continues to be allowed we can say goodbye to the enforcement of zoning regulations in our Vermont residential neighborhoods. Is this what we pay our taxes for and how we want to watch our neighborhoods develop?

    Jan Cote


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