• The facts are out there
    August 20,2013

    The facts are out there

    Dialogue about energy sources is heating up worldwide, not just in Vermont. There comes a time when we must face reality and discard politics; such is the case at this moment. The reality is that wind and solar are not going to solve the world’s energy problems at their current state of development; perhaps into the future, but we cannot predict. Gov. Shumlin would earn greater respect if he acknowledged that it is time to abandon his unworkable energy plan and focus on sourcing electricity that is reliable and economical. Unless he does so, companies like IBM will abandon the state and create a miserable economic situation, and he will continue to hurt the citizens who are struggling with ever-rising basic costs.

    The battle to close Vermont Yankee has gone on far too long and has cost the state a great deal of money that would have been better spent on sourcing low-cost reliable electricity. The NRC has given Entergy the right to operate Vermont Yankee for another 20 years. If only the state would work with one of its most reliable suppliers and address issues of safety, reliability and cost, we would all be the better.

    Day after day, data comes in from all over the world that wind is too costly and so-called green energy is a wasted investment. If volumes of data are not enough to convince that this message is true, then we should also abandon any thoughts about global warming. Why can’t people see how similar the issues are? This reinforces the notion, now being verified, that people, especially educated and informed people, will continue to make irrational decisions. Look to the fields of neuropsychology and neuroscience to guide our understanding of the human decision-making process.

    I hope my thoughts ring home as rational and realistic as I have no particular political agenda and am only concerned for the future of folks like myself and my children and grandchildren.

    Peter H. Roth


    The writer works for Applied Technology Consultants.

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