• Let it die a quick death
    August 15,2013

    A recent Times Argus editorial reads, “the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, blessed by the Supreme Court, and the nation has committed billions of dollars toward its implementation. Scores of millions of dollars are on their way to Vermont. It would be a vast waste of treasure and effort if it were to fail. More important, if it succeeds, it would guarantee a level of health care for the American people that they have never before enjoyed.”

    “If it succeeds” are the operative words here. I know that people are deeply concerned about a train wreck lurking right around the corner if the Vermont exchange collapses for lack of readiness. But others of us are more concerned that mandating small businesses and individuals to buy through the exchange will inflict confusion and economic hardship.

    Here is a further thought regarding the “big picture.” The “too big to fail” philosophy led us as a nation to do some things regarding banking that are not at all healthy for the long term. If we don’t let ObamaCare and ShumlinCare fail, it will be very much the same kind of thing. I hate to see people suffer as much as anyone, but sometimes short-term suffering is a lot better than long-term chronic suffering.

    I won’t ever go door to door trying to discourage people from obeying the law, but I also won’t put in any effort to make something succeed that I think is basically harmful to the whole society. Besides, if the exchange in Vermont collapses, I am sure Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont is ready to reinstate existing policies despite Vermont’s rebuff. Private enterprise responds and acts much more quickly than government.

    Carol Frenier


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