• Burglaries up in Addison County
     | August 15,2013

    ADDISON — Vermont State Police say they’ve investigated 105 burglaries in Addison County so far this year, which is on track to meet or exceed the number of break-ins last year.

    Police said they made a key arrest Aug. 1 when they found a number of stolen goods in the home of Raymond Ritchie, 37, in Addison. So far 23 of the more than 100 victims have been able to recover their belongings.

    Since arresting Ritchie, police said at a public meeting Tuesday night there have only been two reported burglaries in Addison County, WCAX-TV reported. But police also know that as long as there is growing drug problem, the burglaries could continue. Police say burglaries are on the rise across the state as a way to fund drug addictions.

    “They lie, they cheat, they steal, they take from their mothers, they take from their brothers, they take from retail theft,” Col. Thomas L’Esperance of the Vermont State Police told the crowd.

    To fight this sort of crime, attitudes need to change to fight a war on addiction, not drugs, and to help criminals get treatment, police said.

    But authorities say they will not treat criminals lightly.

    “We want the message loud and clear, if they break into your home, we’re going to come after you, we’re going to find you and we’re going to put you in jail. And then the system needs to do something else so that a year from now we don’t arrest the same person for breaking into the same house,” L’Esperance said.

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