• Bridgewater Mill Sewing Room
     | August 13,2013

    The Bridgewater Sustainable Earth Foundation, which runs the thrift store housed on the third floor of the Bridgewater Mill, needed the services of a seamstress.

    “The items sold are washed and dry-cleaned, but they didn’t actually have someone who could sew the seam that had ripped out or repair a zipper or sew on buttons,” said Carmen Citro.

    So Citro stepped up to the plate a few months ago and opened the Bridgewater Mill Sewing Room on the second floor of the iconic brick building, a former textile mill, on Route 4 just west of Woodstock in Bridgewater.

    “That’s how it all came about,” she said, adding that they were also looking for someone who could sustain herself doing alterations and repairs for the public.

    Citro’s charges are project driven. For example, hemming or shortening pants is $8; taking in the waist of pants is $10; shortening jacket sleeves is $12.

    “We try to keep prices within people’s budgets, especially working here near the thrift shop. I don’t want them to come in and pay twice as much for shortening a garment as they paid for it,” she said.

    She wasn’t always a seamstress. In fact, on June 1 she retired from The Citro Agency in South Burlington. In yet another life she was a first-grade teacher.

    “I’ve fallen back on what I always thought I would love to do. It’s my third career, sewing. In the future we might even teach sewing and teach people to recycle their own clothes,” she said.

    The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Bridgewater Mill Sewing Room is located at 102 Mill Rd., 2nd Floor, Bridgewater, VT 05034. The telephone number is 802.881.7170; email is tonecarm@yahoo.com.

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