• New supervisory union gears up for first school year
     | August 07,2013

    Superintendent Bruce Williams and Associate Superintendent Linda Waite are at the helm of the newly created Two Rivers Supervisory Union.

    LUDLOW — The new school year is on the horizon, and a new beginning is taking place for students and administrators in one supervisory union.

    The Two Rivers Supervisory Union was created out of two others in southern Windsor County. Administrators are gearing up for their first school year since the restructuring of the Rutland Windsor and Windsor Southwest supervisory unions, and they believe students will benefit academically.

    “Our most important priority is helping our kids achieve the education outcome to be successful in this modern age,” said TRSU Superintendent Bruce Williams. “We’re going to focus on student learning outcomes, and we will provide the support they need.”

    While education remains the top priority, the TRSU is focused on preparing for the new year. Williams and Associate Superintendent Linda Waite are assisting staff with new routine procedures and practices and working together in a larger administrative setting.

    Despite the new environment, Williams said he is confident the new supervisory union will get through the growing pains and come out strong.

    “It is a daily discovery process to realize that (routines and procedures) are done one way or the other, and some days you have to reinvent them,” Williams said.

    “There’s excitement and trepidation, but when we do the job, we’ll pursue educational advantages for students and find ways to achieve financial efficiencies.”

    The RWSU and WSWSU school boards approved the merger in December 2011. Rutland Windsor voted 6-4, and Windsor Southwest voted 9-1. Rutland Windsor board members said at the time that not enough information was provided on how restructuring would affect their local schools. But after the merger received final approval from the Department of Education, Williams said, the two supervisory unions have been working together and are committed to making TRSU succeed.

    “One of the interesting things is that the vote wasn’t unanimous. But the commitment of the school boards’ members after the vote was taken was unbelievable,” Williams said. “They were all in and they made it happen in the best way possible.”

    TRSU comprises nine school boards: Chester, Baltimore, Cavendish, Chester Andover Elementary School and Green Mountain Middle and High Schools from WSWSU and Mount Holly, Plymouth, Ludlow Elementary and Black River Middle and High Schools from RWSU. There are approximately 1,120 students in grades kindergarten through 12.

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