• Spaulding ladies going strong
    July 31,2013

    Spaulding ladies going strong

    Sixty wonderful ladies, all graduates of Spaulding High School, were in attendance this year at the 15th Annual Spaulding High School Ladies Luncheon, held at John Riley’s Hilltop Restaurant on July 25. Those lovely ladies were as varied in age as walks of life, and happily represented their graduating classes, ranging from 1937 to 1982.

    Our theme for this year’s gathering was “Let’s Survive Breast Cancer” in honor of all SHS women graduates, and those who had gone before us. We acknowledged and celebrated the five breast cancer survivors attending the luncheon, and then we silently reflected on our losses as we all knew there was no one in the room who hadn’t been affected, in some way, by this dreaded disease. We all sincerely look forward to the day when breast (and other) cancers are easily detected and treated, and become a manageable illness with only positive results. As part of the festivities a raffle for an embroidered blanket was held and raised a humble donation of $170, which was sent to the Vermont Chapter of the American Cancer Society.

    On behalf of this year’s SHS Ladies Luncheon, let me say — being together again made us happy, offering the donation made us proud, and the opportunity to be together again next year will be worth the wait.

    Donna Holden

    Spaulding High School class of 1972


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