• Clarification on fawn story
    July 29,2013

    Clarification on fawn story

    There have been recent stories in your newspaper regarding an orphaned fawn that our neighbor, Julia Gresser, tried to protect and return to the wild. In an article on July 18, Commissioner of the Fish and Game Department Patrick Berry said, “The reality with the fawn is that this woman found is that it died because she took it home.” He also said “the game warden requested but was never shown the dead doe.”

    Both of these statements are untrue and we believe that Mr. Berry knows this. My husband and I found the dead doe, with full udder, in our woods a few days before the big storm on the first weekend of June. We found the babies the next day and called the state police dispatcher, who told us Fish and Game would shoot them if they came out. It was terrible listening to them suffer. When we told Julia, she went in and found one of the babies who was crying. In the week that Julia had the fawn it thrived.

    About two weeks later, a week after the Fish and Game officer had shot the fawn, Shawn Fowler, a local Fish and Game officer came to our home and asked us to show him the dead doe. My husband took him into the woods to the area where we had seen her. There were hundreds of trees down from the storm and after a brief search he gave up. As Mr. Berry points out, “animals who die in the woods feed a whole variety of wonderful creatures that we also appreciate.”

    Because of the storm and the time gone by since first finding the doe, it was difficult for Shawn to find her, but we know that she died there and had two fawns that were starving.

    It is puzzling and insulting to us that Mr. Berry would question our honesty.

    Jean Healy


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