• Woman pleads innocent to stabbing
     | July 26,2013

    WHITE RIVER JUNCTION — A Randolph woman who allegedly plunged a steak knife into her boyfriend’s chest on Wednesday afternoon after he announced he’d “had enough” and was moving out made a somewhat dazed appearance in court Thursday.

    Wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt, Cindy LaPlante, 51, glanced nervously around the courtroom in while a public defender entered an innocent plea on her behalf to a charge of first-degree aggravated domestic assault with a deadly weapon.

    Witnesses told police that blood was “spurting out” of Troy Lafountain’s upper chest area in the moments after LaPlante allegedly attacked him on while the couple were arguing on her father’s front porch on School Street.

    The 48-year-old Lafountain was previously married to Cindy LaPlante and her father, Harold LaPlante, told police that the couple had been staying with him the past two months and “drinking heavily and often engaging in intense verbal arguments,” according to affidavits filed with the court.

    Randolph Police Sgt. David Leighton said that he responded to the emergency room at the Gifford Medical Center, where he found Lafountain covered in blood being treated for what was determined not to be a life-threatening stab wound.

    Leighton said that Lafountain was conscious and alert but initially did not want to provide police with any details of what had happened, asking instead if they “could just let it go.”

    A short time later, Leighton wrote in his report, the clearly intoxicated LaPlante showed up at the hospital saying that Lafountain had been injured when he accidentally fell onto one of her crochet hooks. Leighton said that later in the evening, after he’d arrested LaPlante and taken her to the police station, she blew a 0.322 percent blood alcohol level when given a breath test.

    During LaPlante’s court appearance on Thursday, Judge Katherine Hayes described LaPlante’s alcohol level at the time of the alleged crime as alarming and urged that she be found a bed at an in-patient treatment facility. Hayes said she was prepared to release LaPlante back into her father’s custody so she could receive medical detoxification treatment and she ordered her not to have any contact with Lafountain while her criminal case is pending.

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