• Let fawns live
    July 24,2013

    Let fawns live

    Regarding your recent article about the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s policy to kill orphaned fawns or allow them to starve, I strongly disagree with that policy. I do not believe that the department’s arguments stand up to scrutiny. Other nearby states allow rehabilitation of fawns by licensed rehabilitators, and according to the quoted rehabilitator, fawns are easily and successfully reintroduced to the wild. I also fail to understand how rehabilitation can lead to incidents of chronic wasting disease, when licensed rehabilitators will quarantine them until they either show signs of illness or prove to be healthy.

    The department’s policy is in fact more likely to create the problems that it purports to solve. Such a strict policy will encourage Vermonters who find orphaned fawns to raise them themselves and perhaps make serious mistakes. The article noted that the policy may have already created a type of “underground railroad” for these fawns.

    I respectfully urge the department to change this misguided policy. The department should also undertake an educational effort to inform Vermonters that most fawns that appear to be alone in the wild should be left where they are. Only if a person knows that the mother is dead should he or she contact the department so that the fawn can be safely delivered to a licensed rehabilitator.

    Priscilla Fox


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