• We Dig Barre: Signal work is tweaked
    July 15,2013

    On July 11, traffic signal engineers and traffic signal technicians were on site to evaluate the current timing plans and make minor adjustments. They also addressed ongoing problems with phases such as left turns being skipped. Recommendations will be made to the signal design engineer which may be implemented. Some of the field changes produced immediate improvements in traffic flow. Hopefully you have noticed the improvements, too. We appreciate your input and information concerning the signals and some of the problems that have been ongoing.

    As with any job, there are punch-list items, and these are the activities that you see occurring at random times. As long as the advance warning construction signs are in place, know that you may encounter a construction activity at any time. Notice will be given in advance whenever possible. Luck Brothers Inc. is not on site on a regular basis at this point.

    Please continue to pay attention to traffic signs, advanced warning signs, uniformed traffic officers, and flaggers who will be posted at strategic locations for traffic control. There is still the possibility of a minor delay from time to time.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Barre “Big Dig,” you can call (518)-578-9629 or contact me by email at beth@luckbros.com. The office number is (802)-479-5775.

    Beth LeClair is the public outreach officer for Luck Brothers Inc.

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