• Another rant from the Left
    July 15,2013

    Another rant from the Left

    In your June 26 issue letter writer Mitch Goldfarb gave a good illustration of why it is so difficult to have any sort of rational discourse with the agitated Left.

    Goldfarb is outraged that this newspaper would be allowed to publish a column offering the views of two of the nation’s most distinguished climate scientists: Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. John Christie, who together built and for twenty years managed NASA’s microwave tropospheric temperature sensing platforms.

    Spencer, says Goldfarb, “is defined as very controversial”, presumably by unnamed global warming promoters who believe he should not be allowed to publish the scientific data that has steadily undermined their case for spending billions to combat “climate change.” So much for Spencer.

    Christie, says Goldfarb, is “in conflict with 95 percent of eminent climatologists.” This is completely insupportable, but no matter, off with Christie.

    As for countering the scientific arguments offered by the two climatologists, Goldfarb has nothing to say (no surprise there!). To the Left, always, smearing the messenger substitutes for rational argument on the issues.

    More troubling, however, is Goldfarb’s rapid move to the very edge of demanding that somebody (who? him?) impose limits to freedom of speech to silence people like me who, admittedly, enjoy puncturing the Left’s many balloons. Any speech that might persuade people to reject the radical goals of the Left is likened by such as Goldfarb to falsely crying fire in a theatre or inciting violence at a Klan rally.

    Make no mistake: This is the voice of Leftist totalitarianism.

    Goldfarb then uses his freedom of speech — certainly not threatened by people like me — to offer 800 words of his own views on banking, debt, and the evil Federal Reserve. The irony in this is that I issued a white paper in my U.S. Senate race in 1982 calling for terminating the Federal Reserve. Too bad Goldfarb wasn’t around to cheer me on.

    John McClaughry


    The writer writes a regular column for The Times Argus as a representative of the Ethan Allen Institute.

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