• Seeking your input
    July 10,2013

    Seeking your input

    To Northfield, Orange, Roxbury, Washington and Williamstown:

    Your respective school boards are engaging in preliminary discussions that will explore the perils and promises of a closer working relationship through your respective supervisory unions. Northfield and Roxbury are the Washington South Supervisory Union, and Orange, Washington and Williamstown make up the Orange North Supervisory Union.

    A committee consisting of one member from each of the local districts has been created, and we expect to hold a short series of meetings beginning this summer. This committee is a public body, and all meetings will be warned and minutes taken. Per Vermont law these meetings will allow time for public comments, and of course your school board members appreciate your input.

    The committee’s charge is to explore what we would give up and what we would gain under various scenarios ranging from doing nothing to sharing existing resources to becoming a new single supervisory union consisting of all five districts. The committee is advisory only and is not in any way empowered to make any commitments.

    For now, if you have any questions or comments, please contact your local school board member, or feel free to contact me by phone at 433-5441 or email at rama@ramabahama.net.

    Rama Schneider


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