• Enjoy Siberia
    July 09,2013

    Enjoy Siberia

    Mr. Snowden is really in a pickle now. After having spilled the beans on his U.S. homeland hes now told by the Russian authorities to keep his big mouth shut or else. Mr. Snowden chose Russia of all places to run and hide from American authorities who want him for everything from security oath violations to other felony crimes associated with his violations of trust. This guy is screwed now. He has nowhere to run and is being told other countries and places he wants to run to, No deal. Secrets are supposed to be kept secret from foreign countries, especially our enemies. Most people know that by the time theyre in first grade. But Mr. Snowden decided to betray the trust we put in him, and now hes no doubt damned sorry for it.

    Sorry, pal, its too late. I hope you like it in Siberia. Thats where your new country puts traitors.

    Tom King


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