• Workers deserve a voice
    July 06,2013

    Workers deserve a voice

    Community members should support the Hunger Mountain Coop workers who labor daily to provide us a clean and pleasant place to buy healthy food. Those of us who shop there surely want a contract bargaining process and results that are consistent with the values inherent in that atmosphere. Healthy workers need the dignity and respect they would feel when given full-time jobs with hours and pay they can rely on.

    Paying a lawyer hundreds of dollars an hour while offering workers pay raises of 2 cents to 3 cents ó which is less of an increase than cost of living calls for ó is not respectful or sustainable. Nor is having over half of your workforce as part-time and substitute workers (who have no reliable hours or wages).

    All the workers need health care coverage that isnít too expensive to actually use. Jobs should be full time. Hunger Mountain Coop can afford this more humane and sustainable path.

    We should all encourage the management to be respectful, to sit back down at the bargaining table, to listen to the workers, and to bargain a contract that provides a healthy, respectful environment for the workers. Put people first.

    Cassandra Edson


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