• Guns and the Constitution
    July 04,2013

    Guns and the Constitution

    While I agree with the basic premise of Gerow Carlson’s letter regarding the military complex, I feel there are a few inaccuracies.

    First and foremost, the “gun lobby” has nothing to do with the military complex. I must again point out the purpose of the right to civilian gun ownership — the right to own and bear arms to defend one’s self, family and country from threat, whatever that threat may be. How does one determine what magazine capacity is appropriate to defend one’s self and family? Please refer to the Constitution and the definition of “infringed.”

    Furthermore, military guns are not sold to civilians, unless they possess a federal firearms license — other than licensed sellers, few do. Military weapons are fully automatic — military-style weapons sold to civilians do not function any differently than the old semi-auto handed down for generations. I have no problems if someone elects to put their family’s well-being in the hands of the police, but unless they live with you they’ll be sadly late to help you with a late night home invasion. I choose to take responsibility for that myself, and nobody has the right to deny me that.

    I wholeheartedly agree we should closely examine our involvement in foreign conflicts. One should ask: Why did the president jump to demand Mubarak step down in response to the unrest in Egypt, but now remains silent in the same situation with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood? Wretched judgment or questionable agenda, plain and simple. How about stationing a fraction of our military on the borders? Our government is responsible for defending us from foreign invasion, a responsibility they flat out ignore in the name of buying votes. The federal government has two basic responsibilities: infrastructure and defense.

    Lastly, I must correct — we do not live in a democracy. The United States is a constitutional republic. The Constitution protects us as individuals from the majority when necessary. I do agree we must act as voters. The problem is that both major parties continue to divide us. The Democrat base always votes for the Democrat because they believe anything is worth keeping the Republican out, and vice versa. I’ll admit the same of myself: I’ve voted for the lesser of two evils in every presidential election I’ve voted in. No more. This country lost its way a long time ago, and it’s going to take some tough choices and acceptance of some uncomfortable truths to change that.

    Keith Zandy


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