• Snowden deja vu
    July 03,2013

    Snowden deja vu

    The Edward Snowden mess and his secret spying report reminds me of the Bob Lazar secret UFO/flying saucer fiasco report. These two men have a lot in common. They both are your basic high IQ, all brains, “genius,” they kind of look the part of the studious know-it-all with glasses, they both are approximately 30 years old when they disclose the classified info, (Lazar age 33 in 1989 and Snowden age 30 in 2013), they both worked for the federal government at secret places, and they both went to the media to report their tales of woe. Lazar said he was working as a physicist at Area 51 and Snowden at the National Security Agency. The problem for Lazar is he could never prove anything he said about reverse engineering alien flying saucers, etc. Now, Snowden has the same problem. If all the things he is alleging are top secret, how will he prove any of it? He is now a hunted man and wanted for crimes in the USA. He is seeking asylum in a foreign land where he thinks he’ll be safe. Lazar was never charged with anything because it was all denied and proven to be fake. Snowden will no doubt suffer the same fate or much worse. These guys should have gone to their boss or their local congressman instead of the media. They’d be a lot less famous and a lot better off.

    Tom King


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