• Thank you to the voters
    June 28,2013

    Thank you to the voters

    To the voters and residents of Montpelier:

    On behalf of the members of the Montpelier Firefighters Association,I would like to extend a very much belated thankyou for your support through the unpleasant budget process and town meeting day vote. We were very pleased that our ballot initiative (Article 15) was supported by the majority of Montpelier voters and approved.

    Article 15 requested that the exact dollar amount to fund a Full-time Firefighter/EMT be reinstated into the budget, to maintain the pre-existing staffing levels.

    Although we all wish this process never occurred, we are a group that is very passionate about what we do. Our drive was never about anything more than the safety of our community and our firefighters, and we hope that message was heard. Despite all of the negativity associated with the budget process, we are grateful for all the face-to-face contact and support we received while going door-to-door. It truly was a pleasure to meet all of you and get a chance to inform you of who we are and what we’re here foryou.

    We now anxiously await the next step in this process. A current lieutenant’s retirement is just one week away and, at the beginning of July, we will be down one firefighter. Will the mayor and the city council listen to you, the public who employs them, and us, the firefighters that are here to do the job? Will they follow through with not only the language but also the intent of Article 15? Will they restore this position as the people of Montpelier have dictated?

    We hope they will do the right thing so that we can continue to maintain the services that you desire, at the level you, as voters, have determined.

    Jake Larrabee

    Montpelier Fire & Ambulance Deptartment

    IAFF Local 2287,president

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