• The root cause
    June 28,2013

    The root cause

    With the threat of flooding in recent weeks throughout our state and country, you will find concerned citizens everywhere, joining together in seeking ways to protect their communities against the ravaging damages to their homes, properties and lives.

    Itís unfortunate that our elected officials donít seem to have that same concern. Why do I say that? Simply because weíre not seeing the ďrealĒ action being taken to correct the root cause of these storms: climate change.

    Our governing officials and regulators are turning a blind eye and deaf ear by continuing to allow unneeded and unwanted polluting industry into our communities; once again allowing profit to take precedent over human existence. Just look at the proposals that communities have come up against in the last year in our state; biomass plants, large-scale wind projects, asphalt industry, garbage dumps, to name a few. All being proposed in our namesake,the Green Mountain State.

    Polluting industry should be made accountable for the damages and loss they are creating for citizens in this state and across our country. Yet as always, citizens are left to clean up the destruction caused by industry polluters, who are the true responsble parties and destroyers of our enviroment.

    I suggest the next time you have the opportunity to shake hands and speak to your elected officials at a local venue, parade, festival, race track, or fundraiser, ask them how theyíre addressing these issues and protecting you against the flooding and storm destruction we are seeing and will continue to see in years to come.

    Donít be afraid of infringing on their enjoyment of the moment; by not taking action and protecting the health, safety and interest of citizens, arenít they infringing on yours?

    Lori Bernier


    Neighbors for Healthy Communities

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