• Admit when mistakes are made
    June 26,2013

    Admit when mistakes are made

    These days it’s all about covering your butt in life. Everybody and every organization is primarily concerned with covering their butts and not much else.

    The ridiculous fiasco playing itself out in Brattleboro with John Grega is an example. If the Brattleboro lawyers who represent the state and who brought this case to begin with don’t have any new evidence against Grega and they are planning on prosecuting him twice for the same crime for which he was already found guilty and spent 18 years in prison, then what is this all about?

    The new evidence is the DNA that Grega’s lawyers found that proved a reasonable doubt that he killed his wife. So, now it’s about covering somebody’s butt. Somebody screwed up.

    Another case is the governor’s land deal. The administration is in full tilt “cover-your-butt” mode on this one, too. Just give the land back to the guy already. Somebody screwed up, and now they’re working overtime to cover their butts.

    Lastly, Major League Baseball and their flawed steroids policy. The latest MLB witch hunt on the “biogenesis” clinic, with Anthony Bosch supposedly ready to testify against a number of players using illegal substances is being dragged out and the MLB is covering its butts. If they have a case against A-Rod and Braun, then show us the evidence and move on already.

    Stop covering your butts in life and admit it when you screw up.

    Tom King


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