• Peacham victim was shot twice
     | June 22,2013

    PEACHAM — A Peacham man was shot twice in the chest by his wife’s ex-husband before the shooter turned the gun on himself, the state police said Friday after detectives received the results of autopsies on the bodies of the two men who died.

    Records also indicated that the body of Mark Peabody, 50, was found outside his home while the shooter, 59-year-old Dr. John Jackson of Amherst, N.H., shot himself once in the head inside Peabody’s home.

    Jackson was wearing a wig and driving a rental car when he arrived at the Peabody home on Wednesday morning.

    Police believe Jackson intended to flee after visiting the Peabody home.

    “It’s likely he had other plans beyond going to that house,” Detective Lt. Robert Cushing said.

    Police were called to the Peabody home after receiving a report from Jeannie Peabody that a white van had pulled up in front of her house and that her husband had gone outside to talk to the driver. Jeannie Peabody went to a neighbor’s house to call 911.

    Mark Peabody was the former principal at the Peacham school.

    Jackson was a physician in Manchester, N.H.

    Jackson and Jeannie Peabody divorced in 2000.

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