• Obama deserves impeachment
    June 22,2013

    President Barack Obama is perhaps not only the most powerful man in the world at the present time but also the most dangerous and should be impeached based on any one of the following.

    n He has violated American treaties by failing to prosecute those who tortured prisoners. Torture is considered a war crime under these treaties and must be prosecuted.

    n He has authorized the killing of American citizens. Under the Constitution Americans are guaranteed due process. There is nothing in the Constitution that says if the people don’t like what other American people are doing they can kill them without due process.

    n He has allowed for the killing of foreign nationals who were not combatants against the U.S.

    n He has allowed for the unlawful detention of Americans until the end of the war on terror, once again denying Americans due process.

    n He has allowed for the arrest of American citizens by the military on U.S. soil and to be held without charges until the “War on Terror” is over, again denying American citizens due process.

    n Under his tenure the IRS has illegally targeted Americans.

    n Under his tenure the Justice Department has violated the First Amendment in that they have interfered with freedom of the press.

    n He has created programs such as PRISM that continue to be used to illegally spy on American citizens.

    In his first inaugural address Barack Obama told the American people, “We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.” By his actions Barack Obama has repeatedly rejected his own statement. He has repeatedly shown that he will not be bound by the Constitution that he swore under oath “to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

    Al Gore said of Obama’s secret program, “It is not acceptable to have a secret interpretation of law that goes far beyond any reasonable reading of the law or the Constitution and then classify as top secret what the actual law is.”

    If these things had happened under the Bush-Cheney administration, the liberal left, as well as the mainstream media, along with all the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC and CNBC would have been screaming for Congress to impeach.

    Instead the talking heads on these stations are trying to convince viewers that what the president is doing is standard procedure and in order to be safe this is perfectly justified.

    The media has sometimes been called the Fourth Estate and is supposed to be the watchdog of the government; to report on government abuses; to keep the people informed and the government in line. That’s not currently taking place. For the most part the press has been his defender. Maybe because he talks nice, cracks a joke, or is a Democrat. I don’t know, but I do know he’s getting a pass a Republican wouldn’t.

    In Congress neither side is talking impeachment. This is unfortunate for the American people but if you understand politics it makes perfect sense. Most Republicans as a whole are in favor of taking liberties with the rights of citizens. They tell the American people it’s necessary in order to stop terrorist attacks.

    Democrats who would be screaming impeachment if a Republican president were doing these things are willing to overlook Obama’s criminal acts because at least the guy in the White House is a Democrat. Once again the losers in all of this are the American people. It’s their rights that are being trampled on, and in the future if the actions of the President are not answered those rights will be further eroded.

    The actions of the President underscore the dangerous slope America finds itself on. He has bypassed the checks and balances that make us a democracy. The president has an agenda, and his actions show that he has no intention of letting a little thing like the Constitution get in the way.

    The media, Congress and the American people have a duty and a responsibility to each other and to our forefathers to do the right thing. We are a nation of laws, and we must abide by them or throw them all out and start anew. As for me I reject as false the choice between my safety and my ideals.

    Charles Laramie is a resident of Fair Haven.

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