• Thanks for the support
    June 21,2013

    Thanks for the support

    A fund-raising event was held on June 8 at the Montpelier Elks Club to raise money to grant the wish of Lisa Kaiser, a late-stage cancer patient.

    Lisa was diagnosed in January 2012 with metastasized (stage 4) breast cancer. Lisa had a mastectomy in 2012 and has been undergoing treatments since then. However, only 20 percent of women with Lisa’s type of cancer will live five years from the point of diagnosis; Lisa was diagnosed a year ago.

    Her wish has been to travel to Disney World in Orlando with her two young daughters and her husband to create fun, loving family memories that will last a lifetime for her girls. The Kaiser family, as well as those of us who organized the event, are very grateful for all the support they were offered and the donations given to make their wish come true.

    We are pleased to report that we raised $1,430 online through the fundly website https://fundly.com/lisa-kaiser-benefit-fundraiser, and $4,200 the night of the event through silent auction sales, 50/50 raffles and donations given at the door.

    Thank you to everyone who attended, gave what they could, and for the well wishes offered to the Kaisers. It was — and is — greatly appreciated.

    Brigitte Codling


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