• Berlin Pond letters inaccurate
    June 19,2013

    In the past year I have read and listened to many “antis” make statements that can’t be backed by science or logic. I feel compelled to pen a response to Bob Green’s most recent outrageous claims.

    A) Otters have historically been viewed at the north end where the pond doesn’t completely freeze during winter months. Otters need to dive below the ice to catch fish, and the north end provides this habitat. I personally saw otters at the northern part of the pond this past winter.

    B) Canada geese will aggressively defend their nests. Try to chase a goose from her nest and you’ll most likely end up with some battle wounds. I do not believe an angler chased a goose in order to catch a bass. It doesn’t make sense — and as a famous judge says, “If it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t true!”

    C) Worried about the loons? Take a trip over to Nelson Pond and you’ll see anywhere from four to six resident loons thriving on a pond that is surrounded by camps and receives traffic from speed boats pulling skiers.

    D) Trash around the pond? Montpelier’s water department historically picks up two truckloads of trash on roads surrounding the pond each year. This is a statement of fact and was issued as testimony during the Supreme Court case. It’s convenient to blame it on anglers now, but that bucket won’t hold water.

    E) Traffic has increased twofold? After the novelty wore off, usage by anglers and kayakers plummeted to normal levels. The usage this summer has been minimal. Three to five anglers/kayakers will be found on a nice weekend day. On most weekdays, there are zero to three people on the pond. Contrast that with 20 to 30 cars (as many as 12 or more at one time) that park along the pond daily to walk or bird-watch. Anglers/kayakers are not creating traffic or safety issues, and there is zero evidence to support such an over-the-top claim.

    F) The bald eagle is still around. I saw it last week.

    G) I’m running out of space, but the last issue is water safety. I believe the Agency of Natural Resources has our best interests in mind. Anglers/kayakers do not pose a threat to water quality, and there’s zero evidence to support this claim.

    Nate Smead


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