• Protect Berlin Pond
    June 15,2013

    Protect Berlin Pond

    My wife and I have lived on Berlin Pond since 1975. We have enjoyed the beauty of the pond and the quietness that it has provided. In the summer there is nothing like the sounds of the loons talking to each other early in the morning and late evening. We have enjoyed seeing the many flocks of Canada geese that use the pond as a resting place before moving south for the winter months. We have also enjoyed watching the snow geese cover most of the south side of the pond by the thousands as they make their journey south.

    That has all changed over the past year since the Supreme Court opened the pond for recreation. We saw only a few flocks of geese on the pond last fall and this spring. I have witnessed boaters chase the geese from their nesting place so the fishermen can catch the bass that they cannot keep. I never saw an otter on the ice this past spring. The bald eagle has not been seen thus far. My wife picked up more than 10 bags of trash that was left behind this spring for Green Up Day. The traffic has increased twofold, and the safety of the walkers, bikers and joggers has decreased.

    All said, this is minor compared with what could happen to the drinking water that is supplied to the residents of the town of Berlin, Montpelier and the businesses that depend on this pond. Just imagine if the water treatment plant could no longer provide you with safe drinking water. You would not know you are drinking gasoline until you got sick. You would not know that zebra mussels covered the intake and no water was coming out of your faucet. To fix these problems costs money, money that in the end will come out of your pockets.

    If I were on this water system and depended on it for my health and the health of my loved ones, I would do everything I could to protect the water from harm. There is no other alternative to provide you with some of the purest drinking water in the area than Berlin Pond. Protect Berlin Pond for your health.

    Bob Green


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