• Time is critical
    June 12,2013

    Time is critical

    I would like to address some issues concerning Berlin and Montpelier residents. It is my understanding the Berlin Select Board is currently working with Vermont Fish and Wildlife to create a binding agreement that would allow Fish and Wildlife to install a fishing access on the north end of Berlin Pond.

    If this occurs, the state will likely determine accessing rights and restrictions; residents will relinquish the ability to control what happens in and around the waters of Berlin Pond, potentially forever. This could result in detrimental drinking water contaminations, an overabundance of traffic on a rural road, a late-night “party zone,” and potential harm to the waters, fish, wildlife and fowl that currently reside in and around Berlin Pond. This will affect many Berlin residents and organizations and all Montpelier residents by risking the purity of the water they are currently receiving from Berlin Pond.

    Montpelier’s water treatment plant has the ability to filter some contaminants through its system, but high costs would likely be incurred if it had to modify its treatment plant to filter chemicals such as fuels and other contaminants that potentially could be introduced by access; the costs distributed to Montpelier residents and Berlin residents and organizations receiving drinking water from Montpelier.

    Berlin residents: If relinquishing more control to the state is something you are not in favor of, contact Berlin Select Board members and influence this decision before this agreement becomes fact.

    Montpelier residents: If you are concerned about maintaining costs and the purity of drinking water for Montpelier residents and Berlin residents and organizations, take the same action. Berlin Select Board member contact information can be found on the town of Berlin website.

    Time is critical.

    Maggie J. Kerrin


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